Naked Indian Drive

St. George, Grenada

Is a complex of student apartments located on the Caribbean island of Grenada, in an area close to St. George’s University - True Blue Bay. The four-story building is located on an area with a strong slope. The entrance to the apartments is organized through the galleries inside the courtyard.
- The first level, the lowest level of the area, contains the reception area and parking which is located under the building;
- The second level contains apartments and gallery;
- The third level, the highest level of the area, contains apartments, gallery, lounge area, coworking area and access to the swimming pool;
- The fourth level contains apartments and gallery;
- The fifth level is a roof with terrace.

Architect: Artem Trigubchak
Apartments interiors: Lera Brumina
Structure and MEP: Novara Design & Construction
Client: Star Development

Atrium 1.jpg
Atrium 4.jpg
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